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We built a great team, helped clients from Data Science, e-commerce, SaaS products, cloud solutions, automation and more with Go to Market Strategy flawless web development, market analysis, online marketing and reputation management.
**Omex ecommerce is a full service digital creative studio focussing on storytelling across all social and web platforms.
**We help brands mover from concepts to campaigns with data-based decision making, maximising ROI across paid social and search advertising, and SEO.
**We help companies discover new markets for services and products, create brand visibility and deliver meaningful messaging to right audience.
**Our ROI-centric SEO, PPC, paid search, social and digital media campaigns on web and mobile platforms help organisations of all sizes.

We also worked on 2 hyperlocal web products for small towns enabling logistics, empowering small scale vendors and helping co-operative initiatives between people and the government reach more buyers with use of technology.